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Rods Banax: Blade, Thunder, Stratos and Mega

2017-12-28 00:00:00

Korean trademark Banax has long been known for our anglers. At first, all we were able to meet with the coils, and only after a few years in our country appeared rod Banax. Of course, most of all, "thundered" Mega-a series of rods that simply redefined many spinningists of price/quality ratio, and in that class gear in which this quality is really present in full. And to this day Banax, constantly expanding its range of spinning rods, continues to surprise-each series being in its price segment, it occupies a leading position! rod banax Let`s start with rods which today is headed by a ruler Banax-Blade. Very light sensitive, fast powerful-a great tool for jig and jerky postings. Forms of all models have a significant taper and excellent balance. rod banax-1 Even the most powerful rod out of the lineup does not seem heavy and unmanageable-they can freely perform quite complex animation baits. A shorter and lighter models generally feels like a continuation of his hands. With all that good rod bend under load and allow you to perform long distance casts. They have comfortable spaced sticks-hand while holding the rod lies on the tube, and not on the plastic thread. Combined with nut spool rear end handle is made of more durable and wear-resistant cork. Rods are available in rigid tubes of red-coated Cordura. rod banax-2 Thunder . It is also an upscale rods made with the latest technology. With rapid action and high sensitivity, they have slightly different concept blank diameter, especially in the butt portion is substantially less than Blade, respectively, smaller and the conicity. These characteristics provide Form uniform deflection under load and excellent throwing features. Diversity handle, form "marble" colors-all part of his unique style of these rods. It is interesting that these rods are much more powerful than it might seem at first glance-very thin form an illusion of, say, excessive delicacy tackle. But when you take the rod in your hands, you realize that it is much more powerful tackle than it seemed at first. rod banax thunder It should be noted that the series Blade and Thunder does not remain the same-they develop. In particular, recently, the concept has been modified rings. Firstly, the more of them to make the load distribution on Form more uniform. Second, now applies a new concept Fuji SIC rings Tangle Free. Support of these rings have a peculiar form, through which dramatically reduces the risk of entanglement cord for any of the rings during the cast. In addition, these rings are lighter so increasing their number had no effect on the behavior of rod dynamics. Both series have recently grown decently-new models of light class, as well as casting rod equipped with triggers. Mega . It`s kind of a classic Banax. Rods in this series have won a great many fans, due to its high sensitivity, robustness, reliability and reasonable price. Rods Mega fast-they are very resilient, fast straightened after unloading, hard, but work the entire length of the form, providing a comfortable work gear, as when casting and when playing. rod banax mega First Scoring popularity of the length 2.58 m and 2.74 m, since it is such a standard was then admitted to the jig-spinning. Then, to the extent that both the requirements of anglers are becoming more diverse, extending the series, as in the direction of reducing the length of the test and the range and upwards. And to this day Mega retains a stable position, as a series of universal spinning rods with a reasonable price. The classic design of the form and stick choke ring Fuji Alconite, excellent reputation, proven-it is all Banax Mega. If Mega series being universal rod, still has a certain "bias" towards the jig, the Stratos-it truly multi-purpose rod, which are suitable for all types of baits. This series is very similar to Mega in particular, the materials used are the same as the differences are mainly in the ranks. rod banax stratos If you prefer a rod with a classic, medium action, often changing lures are selected on the ponds, where it is impossible to say in advance what bait will go, Stratos will be good choice for you.

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