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Cooking heh pike or walleye

2017-12-28 00:00:00

Now consider the preparation of snacks heh Sudak or Pike. To prepare the snacks should go to the kitchen, where there is everything to cook a delicious snack. Since every woman wants to save energy in the kitchen first thing to do is to install LED Lamps led by the light of which it is possible to do cooking heh pike. heh pike perch For cooking we need 1 kg of pike-perch fillet, which is necessary to cut into pieces of 2 cm each. Onions cut into half rings, and then mix thoroughly with pieces of fish. The resulting mass of s alt the taste and pepper, followed by trample the resulting mass. To prepare the marinade is mixed with 100 ml of 6% table vinegar with 200 ml of water, and then dressed with 2 teaspoons seasoning for Korean carrot. The resulting marinade is poured fish that should be left for 2-3 hours in this form. heh pike After the infusion should be snacks squeeze the fish with onions and pour 100 ml. vegetable oil. The resulting dish is to be divided into portions with a weight of 150 g., And the calorie per serving will be 176 kcal, 18 g protein will., And 11 grams of fat. This dish can be cooked for 25-40 minutes.

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