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Chub fishing spinning

2017-12-28 00:00:00

When you look at chub, it seems that is exactly what should look like a real fish. Broad forehead, strong body, beautiful red fins. This fish is very timid and cautious, so catch it can be very difficult. But if you have a chub on the hook, then get ready for this fight, because he`s a real fighter river. chub fishing spinning It is well known that the chub, the so-called sex predator. E., In principle, it is a peaceful slave, but it happens that he is hunting for fry of other fish. Since so, spinningists long ranted and took their spinners, and started catching golavlika on artificial lures. If we compare in brilliance and excitement, perhaps spinning fishing for chub, akin trout. No wonder it is called-"our" trout. The fact that the methods of hunting trout masking, equipment wiring, which takes place bait fishing applicable to golavlinnoy hunting. To start successfully catch chub, must first of all, deal with his food supply. Basically this fish eats various insects that fall into the water with trees. Sometimes our fighter eats fish fry, which of course less. On this basis, it should pick up the bait, which will catch. First of all, it will be fine turntables, ranging in size from two zeros to the first issue, and various types of lures minnow Here Krenke and the last two will dwell. chub fishing with spinning Small up to 5 centimeters voblerki configuration Krenke are simply excellent imitations of various beetles. If you choose the right bait and feed the fish, it can be a good catch. When choosing a wobbler, first we need to pay attention to the penetration-it should be about 0-50 cm. Wobbler must have an active, wide game. It is also important to choose the color of the lure. Personally, I have worked the best-wobblers dark colors. Of course, it happens that the fish took the bait any fancy colorings, but rather an exception than a rule. Next on minoshkah. It`s all much more complicated. For The catching chub suitable lures ranging in size from three to six inches. The color depends on the mood of the fish. A more difficult these lures that must pick up the game that will appeal to most fish. Personally, I have works fine light Twitch with pauses, which happens most of the bites. Now back to Krenke. Your catch, as I said, will depend entirely on how you file and spend bait. When fishing for chub should not make any sudden throws with hlyupkom to splashdown. So you just scare the fish. Casting should be done gently, preferably pendulum to splashdown was like the fall of the insect. It happens that immediately after touching the water is bite. Further, the wiring must be done with stops. The phenomenal success brings twitching the rod tip on hiatus. At the same bait lying on the water, as well as possible, will simulate the movement of the insect, which is frantically trying to get out of the water. De chub look? Favorite places are parking areas near fallen logs, all kinds of rifts and rapids, space for hanging over the water the bushes. In such places, especially if the water is clean, parking is easy to find chub! In conclusion, I want a bit of rigging gear and spinning the dough 3-14 grams coil 1000 or 1500 on the classification of Shimano. Or braided cord is not so important. Main leashes and no metal fasteners. Minimum roughness, friends, Wedboo chub does not like it. It would be nice to get a Chest Waders, so the spacecraft is often necessary to go into the water jacket to make it all at your fingertips and tryapchannoy shoulder bag or belt to put caught fish.

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