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Bout catching

2017-12-28 00:00:00

On zakormlennoe place went roach, which perfectly caught on bloodworms. We tried to maggots, she only touched the bait, sucked at the edge, and bloodworms takes more actively. When we stood float marker, we have outlined the direction along the axis-float marker, here I sit, and on the other side-a bush. Thus, the casting distance we vymeryat using bulleted section of line and direction-in the bushes on the other side. We now catch strictly in the place where you want. Drop the rod tip into the water, make a breakthrough, and the marked portion appears in front of the coil. All, all fishing line we have sunk, and the effects of wind on her no. Float stands substantially at one point. And when it comes to the bottom of the bait, hook upon him, and the float will stand in one place. A ogruzka dispersed so that the bait fell very slowly. That is ogruzka on the line almost minimal. Roach is at the bottom. Despite the fact that ogruzka dispersed, bite should be the precise moment when the float occupies the lowest position, that is, the lowest podpasochek already reached the bottom. This is, in principle, the main secret of today`s fishing. Now we will try to catch on different bait. For example, on the maggots have a bite, but the fish is caught, and bloodworms immediately begins to be caught.

Fig. 44-3

Fig. 44-4 Now, we try to worm. It bites is usually less, but will bite larger fish. And be sure to try barley. When the bout debugged tackle, catch a pleasure, because nothing prevents fishing. Float goes on, we catch from distance, we are not afraid of fish. Match fishing secret is that you have to use a small hook, because we use large, heavy floats and lifting. In match fishing floats most running-weighing 6.12 grams, when fishing floats fishing rod centrifugal much easier. Small hook we need to fish taking the bait, could easily swallow it, and it did not hurt. Small hook we compensate insufficient sensitivity of match float. Therefore, using small hooks-number 16-20. Linen is also very thin, and often we do not see the moment of the bite with Match tackle, and the moment when the fish have already swallowed the bait. That is why we must be sure to have with extractor, because it is difficult to get the hook if the fish swallows it deep. And the smaller the hook, the faster she swallows it. Casts in match fishing can be done in several ways. You can do the so-called circular cast: bait hanging, we make a circular cast and non-stop sending forward. This cast is applied in those circumstances where we do not have the bushes behind him. The next type of casting-this is when we SVRS float, it hangs behind, and we do throw vertically. Also a good throw, fairly accurate, but the lack of it is that if there is behind the bushes, there can be problems.

Fig. 44-5 We caught a bull on barley Fig. 44-5. One of the best casting-casting is often used in the spinning, but that requires a special rod. Rod for this should be very soft vershinku. The essence of this cast is as follows. We tightens float to the tip of the rod when casting and practically does not start for a vertical rod: tilt it forward, then lifted and without stopping the throw. Obtained by casting a very low trajectory and catch so very convenient, especially if there is behind the bushes, because at the time of flapping float flying back and hook does not even reach the bushes, and then be cast in advance. Ogruzhaetsya float up until each sinker begins to act on the float. It is necessary to configure float so that it is under these conditions was visible with difficulty. For example, if light on the pond ripples, when setting the float we overload it; if no ripples, leaving on the surface only the most antenku. And if a strong ripples do ogruzku slightly less that the float could be seen better. It is necessary to ensure that the conditions in which we catch, see float optimally. For example, if we underload float will be deprived of a certain number of bites. By the way, an indication that the float ogruzhen true-we can clearly see the fish bite and we catch the edge of the lip. If the fish swallowing the bait deep, then we would have passed the time of the bite. Hook when fishing the bait often leave open, and it can be left open as hard baits and soft on. We believe that the fish are not afraid of the sting of the hook, and first of all she is interested in the bait and open sting to better pinpoint fish. Thus, if the sting is closed, a certain number of cuttings we lose. We should float on the marked area line. If we want to overfeed, you will need to zakarmlivatsya strictly on the float. That is, we cast a line and focusing on the float, do the following overfeed. Let`s try to catch on maggots. Note that maggots can stick as the rear portion and the front.

Fig. 44-6

Fig. 44-7 is believed that the right stick for maggots back, but in this case it is more difficult fish to suck. Whereas if it stick out in front, the fish goes well, suck thicker back, and with a current of water into her mouth will fly hook Fig. 44-7. Therefore, we must remember that maggots can stick with the one and the other. If the bite bleak, it is better to plant directly on the hook stocking as a worm.

Fig. 44-8 Now, we catch a certain distance, and it may be that we are shooting the float. How can we be not to lose distance? Day of the need to pull the rope, spread it on the shore, and all the line stretch out on the beach. That is to hook the hook, for example, small stands with lures and withdraw to the distance at which we are going to catch it we have noted a float marker and marked routes line, and stick on the banks of the rover. And if we lose the depth and casting distance, can by using this method to attach a second float, depart again at this distance, and we get a clear vymerennaya distance at which we feed. We can also assume the coil turns, if counted to zakormlennogo place 30 times, then so is the casting distance. Thus, too, can easily become extinct distance if we do not have time to move along the coast. Let`s say we control the distance casts on the number of turns, that is, we catch, knowing that the casting distance we have 30 turns. Then suddenly shot off a float or something happened yet. We are doing a new snap cling hook for small stands and starts making 30 turns in the opposite position. Waste on the distance of the extended line and mark this plot line. Thus, we will catch all the time on the same distance, and we will not have any problems. Most often used in match fishing floats carrying capacity of 6-12 grams. If conditions allow fishing, you can put lighter floats, but note that the float is not easy to cast. It is believed that the most versatile float-6 grams, if the weather vetrenaya-12 grams. With these floats are no problems in the cast. If we want to throw further, we need a more heavy floats. I must say that if we`re going to use floats carrying capacity of more than 15 grams, necessarily have to use such a device as a shock leader. So, we have the main line, for example, 0.12 or 0.14 mm, but with a heavy float it, we, of course, shooting. And that did not happen, we tie a thicker line, for example, 0.18 mm and a length of 2.5 times the length of the rod. And when casting the main burden falls exactly on the line, so that the thin line does not fires back. As is known, the thinner the line was, the more throw, and if we want to throw away, is very important. To float away and flew exactly the keel float an element often used as a tail boom. With the help of feathers float flying very accurately at a target in the air and does not rotate. I must say that floats up to 12 grams in the plumage do not need, because light floats well and fly without feathers. And if we use a heavy float, larger, of course, we have this arrow is needed. And do plumage to boom even at home is not much difficulty. If we catch at a distance, it`s kind of a dilemma: on the one hand, the float we should be lifting the other-very sensitive. To ensure that we have seen good bite, it is desirable that the tips antenki was thin. A thin tips of hard to see from a distance, so you can put on antenku cannula larger diameter: make a tube two holes, and through them to pass a antenku. In this case, the float becomes visually thicker, but it did not load capacity adds. Sensitivity of the float remains at the same level as it increases visibility. In match fishing used two types of floats: floats, which are moving mount, and the deaf floats. Deaf floats the most useful and most convenient, because with them the easiest to catch, and the bite is better visible. But if we`re going to catch a float with a dull snap, you should be aware that the depth of fishing should be 50-60 cm less than the length of the rod. If the depth of comparable or greater, you should use a sliding mount. Thus, if the conditions for fishing permit, and if the depth is not very big, it is always better to use a float with a dull snap. Sliding snap, first, is not it convenient to manage, and secondly, if we want to play along with the bait, that is to make a half-turn, we have all changed. And with a dull snap much easier. If we catch the boat and catch, such as bream on all kinds of sand pits, where the great depths, it is much more convenient to use a sliding mount float, because we can swim up to the boat, great depth. Using a sliding mount, we can catch almost any depth, there are no restrictions. As for Match fishing, then I must say that since we catch at a distance and using a thin line, you must choose the areas where there`s room for vegetation vyvazhivaniya. Because if we were to catch on parts of the reservoir, overgrown with weeds, or near snags, with bushes, leaning toward the water, any fish weighing more than 300 grams per length of fishing line can go left and right, and very often delays the snap right into place zatsepistye. Bout fishing means fishing in open areas free of snags. We need to throw away, it must take into account, and if you want a good use matchevuju tackle, then pay attention to it.

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