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The cone of trout

2017-12-28 00:00:00

cone of trout in Pictures Pisces see all items are above the water only strictly at a certain angle. If the angler will take into account this factor, it can choose the place for fishing, while remaining completely invisible to fish. This is especially true when fishing for trout, as if the water is very clear water, trout can notice walking on the shore angler with a distance of more than 25 m. The diagram see. Fig. Can be determined from what distance you will be invisible to fish. Assume fish are at a depth H1, m is equal to 1, then the angler, as seen in the figure, the fish will not be visible for a distance of 12 × H1, which is equal to 12 m. When it is necessary to take into account the growth of the angler. If the angler is in the water, the fish his remarks with a much smaller distance if on the beach, then with much more. When the fish is in the water, her field of vision increases, and the angler becomes noticeable from long distance. It should be borne in mind that trout reacts only to movement fisherman and fixed objects are not afraid of it, so it is important that at the time of casting the visible area of the fish did not get sharp movements spinning or hand. If fishing is entirely in the field of view of the fish, the cast should be done in slow motion, as far as possible to avoid sudden movements.

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