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Night bream. Success Secrets bream night

2017-12-28 00:00:00

The most important consideration when night fishing for bream is a good choice of location. Unlike day fishing is that it must be one. How Come? Because to do a few holes and get lured into the dark uncomfortable. Making this transition, you can skip the approach of large fish. It is also very important that the fishing took place in complete silence. night bream After you choose a place to drill three to four wells at a small distance from each other depending on the size of your shelter. Each well you need to feed it abundantly evening, after about six or seven hours. To lure the best pure bloodworms, without any additives and flavorings. If you want your night fishing bream was successful, then you should not feel sorry for bait. Experienced anglers take a kilogram of feeding on each well. Just so you can keep coming up flock of fish. A small number of bloodworms not make jamb linger. At night, go out to feed the fish only during certain hours, which you will learn to fish on the pond several times. Naturally, that have as many moth is not always possible at least for financial reasons. In this case, the choice depends on the characteristics of bait reservoir. For example, some are not worse than bloodworms, bream attracts Pshenko or barley. On the other water they give no greater effect than the fragmented pieces of U-175. If the bait you are using milled sunflower meal, please make sure that that it was not Rancid. As for night fishing tackle bream in the waters flow without choosing mormyshkas or float rod. On the water with strong currents you should give preference to large mormyshkas with a float or a nod. Remember that night the fish sees bad, so to seduce her playing mormyshkas just does not make sense. Best of all, if at night you will be using a soft braid or nylon thread, instead of the usual line. In this case, you can count on larger specimens of bream and more frequent bites.

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