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The biggest bream in the world

2017-12-28 00:00:00

Bream-this is one of the most popular and beloved by fishermen fish. Dried bream beer-in this pleasure can not deny himself not only fishermen, but most fans of the drink. And those who do not like beer, happy to eat for the company and not only bream in any form: dried, s alted, smoked, fried, and so on. D. Bream inhabits almost all the rivers and lakes, flood, except bystrobeguschih mountain and northern rivers with cold water. This fish prefers warm vodichku, so in Siberian rivers to fish for bream fail. the biggest bream in the world Fishing for bream-it is a great pleasure and, of course, fishermen enthusiastically fond of telling how they caught the biggest bream. Indeed, bream grow to very large sizes. Average size is typically bream 30-45 cm in length, and their weight is equal to 4.5 kg. But there are larger bream, whose length is 70 cm, and weighs 10.8 kg. Big bream are found in the lower reaches of the Don and the Dnieper, on Lake Seliger in Oka, Samara, Volga. But it should be noted that in the lower reaches of the Volga to meet large bream unlikely, usually live here bream weighing not more than 3 kg. With age, bream changes color scales: juveniles have silvery scales and & laquo; solid & raquo; large fish-brownish-yellow tint. Some argue that the biggest bream in the world vodilsya in the Scottish lakes. His weight was 12-16 kg. But there is evidence that in the Vitebsk province in the lake Virovlya, as ever catch 16-kilogram bream. Rest of the sea can be combined with excellent fishing on bream. After all, they are found in large numbers in the northern, less s alt, part of the Azov, Caspian and Black Seas. But do not try to catch bream in the open sea, as there are almost never swim. Among the seasoned fishermen are of the opinion that in s altwater bream blind. Bream usually live in large flocks. In the lower reaches of the Volga and the Caspian Sea in the upper observed flocks in which there were up to 100 thousand pieces bream. During spawning large flocks are divided into smaller ones, which are often formed by age. But since the beginning of August until spring bream prefer to live in large flocks. Good luck fishing! We wish to catch the biggest bream in the world!

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