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Spawning pike
Spawning pike never occurs in large and medium-sized rivers, it always goes to the rivers or streams. In the north pike spawn more early-in early April, but in the middle of Russia-not earlier than March.

A variety of wobblers
Classic lure consists of three main components. This body, hooks in different quantities and blade. The blade has two main functions: the penetration of bait and creating vibrations that make the game a wobbler reminds movement of live fish.

Catching carp on the dough
Prepare a good test for carp is quite difficult, sometimes the task can not cope even professionals fishing. Therefore, high-quality bait is also a road to "quiet hunting" as Jewelry with sapphires.

Travel mats as an integral part of the night fishing
Continuing the theme of fishing tourism, you should get such household items as travel rugs. Going on a trip, we are primarily concerned about the things that can help you favorite kinds of outdoor activities on the alloy, in fishing, and so on. D. But we must remember about the rest.

Nemiroff Ukrainian Championship on fishing spinning from coast
Championships held strictly on schedule-May 28-29. He must have remembered the participants, especially the excellent organization, a clear refereeing, operational calculations, friendly dialogue ... but not very interesting fishing-fish the river, unfortunately, this time to share with the athletes did not hurry.

Hostels Moscow
The Russian capital is significantly inferior to the number of hotels major cities in Europe. Despite the huge flow of tourists arriving in the city on a daily basis, which should bring considerable income hotel business capital, Moscow is experiencing an acute shortage of hotel rooms.

Double-lobe spinner
One of the highlights is the tandem spinner with two petals. What is this spinner? This is a common type spinner "Long", which lengthened the front axle, and the spinner, this is not one petal and two Fig.

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