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Advantages and disadvantages of different lures when fishing for perch
There are many tips for catching perch, which are used successfully in a variety of situations and will have a characteristic their effect. So, for catching perch often use tips "pinwheel". The shape of its petals affects biting more than the size of the nozzle.

The Jubilee in the sauna
For lovers of water treatment and evaporation perfect choice to celebrate your anniversary will be a banquet in the sauna. Baths and saunas Moscow today is so comfortable, cozy and comfortable, here you will feel at home.

Fishing in February: pitfalls
This angler never miss an opportunity to go ice fishing. In February, there is the last opportunity to devote his spare time favorite hobby. However, at the same time, in February-the worst month for fishing, as the weather becomes very volatile: temperature changes, snow alternating with bright frosty sun.

How to fish on poppers?
Today we talk about a new kind of lures for spinning-popper. He is superficial crank has no blades, the front part is brightly colored and has a small slice from the front.

Object fishing-Roatan-Part 2
For the fisherman rotan-unusually interesting object catching, interesting even in a sporting sense. After all, he bite all year round from early spring until autumn ice actively fished since "pervoledka.

Technology jig fishing
jig fishing is characterized in that it is in first place of the technique and skill of the fisherman, tackle and bait and go back. So, there are several types of entries used in this fishing.

The bait with your hands
In the food supplies expended to catch one athlete for the entire period of fishing, you can safely grow two cows, a moose, a dozen domestic boars, a herd of wild boars, a hundred geese, ducks and chickens, and you can safely contain dovecote and shelter the homeless cats.

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